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DSM 4/2007
The Bollyns in Gränna

Sometimes the best laid plans are overturned. Thus it was that an e-mail – a kind of SOS – made me change my plans for the summer of 2007. Good friends needed a STOP OVER for a night or two before continuing their journey. The friends were Helje Kaskel and her husband, journalist Christopher Bollyn.
Helje is one of the people who played a major role in my commitment to the ”Estonia”. Her then husband, Urmas Allender, was among those who went down with the ferry. Urmas was both a poet and troubadour. He became part of the history of the Estonian fight for freedom which in its last and decisive stage was called ”The Singing Revolution”. Every year since 1994 – the year of the ”Estonia” disaster – a music festival has been organised on Urmas´ birthday.  Committed to the Free Baltic States ever since I was young, it is important to me that it was Helje who first inspired me to join the search for the truth behind the sinking of Estonia ferry.
Christopher I know as a colleague who, like myself, has realised that a high price is to be paid by ”seekers after thruth”. He focused on September 11 and for a long period his platform was the weekly magazine, the American Free Press. Meanwhile, I have concentrated on ”The Estonia”, and ”Ivar Kreuger”.  I have my own platform: DSM (Debate, Truthseeking, Media Criticism).
16th August last year, Christopher was the target of obvious police provocation outside his home in a suburb of Chicago. On this occasion Christopher was shot by a TASER weapon (see Google for Bollyn + Taser). Legal procedures were initiated, about which our Chancellor of Justice, Göran Lambertz, would certainly have had a number of views.
As Christopher would most probably have been sentenced to prison for up to a year, the family chose to leave the US via Canada. During a couple of months after their flight there were rumours, even assertions, that Christopher and his family – wife and two children aged 8 and 12 – had been kidnapped and/or murdered. These rumours were fed by the fact that Christopher and Helje opted to cut all communications, even with their closest friends. It is debatable whether this was the wisest course. Statements such as the following could be read on the net:   ”I believe it is a kidnapping and killing of C. Bollyn. No proof that he is OK. None. Zero.” (Daryl Bradford Smith, 26 July 2007)
”There are only few of us actively exposing Zionism, and now the Bollyns have been silenced.” (Daryl Bradford Smith, 4 Aug 2007)”In the latest of two brief phone calls that Hufschmidt received so far, Christopher said that they are under stress and don´t want to disclose their location because they are afraid.” (Daryl Bradford Smith, 10 Aug 2007)”The Bollyn family has been hiding for more than two months. How many more months have to pass before you realize that the Bollyns were tricked?” (Daryl Bradford Smith, 19 Aug 2007)When the storm of rumours – which they checked every day at the public library in Gränna – reached its peak the Bollyn family found themselves under my ”protection”. The short STOP OVER was extended to four weeks. In Gränna they felt secure. They could even let their 12 year old son go shopping in a supermarket on the main street; quite incredible to a family in which the parents live in permanent fear that something might happen to their offspring. I was also happy to see how the children appreciated to have a room of their own where they could feel at ease. They had never had their own room, they told me. For many years the family had lived mostly out of suitcases.
There are several reasons for my decision to make this public :•  First of all I don´t wish my commitment to the Bollyn family to be perceived as any different from what it was, namely a guiding principle expressed in words and action. When it´s really important – as in this case – it prompts me to help people I had come to know and like. In such situations I simply don´t bother to consider the risks I might be taking.    
This, however, doesn´t mean that I´ve allowed myself to get involved in Christopher´s struggle againt zionism. When we arrive at the same conclusions on certain issues this is due entirely to my own judgement. And as to the conflicts existing between the Bollyns and their former colleagues (mainly Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmidt) – enacted in the full glare of publicity on the net – I find myself merely a distressed observer, wondering what on earth they think they´re doing.
This also means that I don´t any longer follow the Bollyns in their continued wandering. I don´t know where they are and I don´t want to know. I have done what I could. The family – especially the children – enjoyed a nice couple of weeks in idyllic Gränna, not having to worry about expenses. Now I can only hope that nothing unpleasant will happen to them, and that their children will not be traumatised by having to live on the run with no room of their own.
•  Secondly, during the summer this commitment of mine has influenced my own planned activities and consequent revenue possibilities. One result is that this issue of DSM has been delayed two months. For some time I even considered stopping publication of the magazine. But now I´m busy working on it again, hoping for my readers´ continued confidence in my ability to sustain the DSM project.

Jan Gillberg

1) See the article: ”Who was Urmas Allender?” (DSM 4/2002, sid 17-18).