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A current article worth considering was published in the last number of the magazine Populär Historia (7/2003). It is written by Professor Lars Rystad and concerns political assassination.
In the article a book is referred to with the title „The Bloody History of Political Murder” written by Paul Elliot. There an amount of advice is given to potential victims for political assassinations:

 „One is about the grave predictability, that is to say, insight on the vulnerability, which comes from the possibility that the murderer knows beforehand where the victim will be at a certain time.”

Was this such a „predictability” - furthermore created! - which became Anna Lindh’s destiny. This is questionable, having partaken in the information on Anna Lindh’s cancelled trip to Sundsvall and how Swedish Television (SVT) literally drove her out to buy new clothes for the final debate on SVT, as the clothes she had in her wardrobe did not meet the requirements put by SVT.
But who dares to seriously question this? Does the chief investigator Leif Jennekvist? Does the chief prosecutor Agneta Blidberg? And what does SÄPO know and think - this increasingly dubious institution? And how can this utter silence from the media be explained?
Can it be so that the police/prosecutor and media in quiet agreement „unite” and put an end to it all by saying that it is „the 24 year old”. Or as Anders Fallenius, one of the most obliging negotiators from the police expresses it in the daily Expressen Nov. 13. 2003.

„According to the police the murder at NK was not planned.    
However, the 24 year old is suspected of having seen Anna Lindh by coincidence and then deciding to kill her.”

It is just this which is the main and important question: Was it a coincidence?