No one foresaw the Collapse of the Soviet Union

more clearly than Sven Rydenfelt

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The failure of experts and the intellectuals to predict the collapse of Soviet Union is discussed in the article - ”The Crisis in Swedish System” - published in the previous issue of DSM.
In many respects, the experts completely misunderstood the situation. But there were a few who understood that the Soviet Union was going to collapse. While some were mentioned in the article, one was forgotten, namely Sven Rydenfelt.
Already in 1956, in an article about the uprising in Hungary, Rydenfelt wrote these prophetic words:

 „In Hungary the hate for oppressors has recently exploded in violent revolt movements. After much hesitation and vacillation, the Russian overlords were seized by panic and stroke with ruthless terror. By doing so, the Russian system has sentenced itself. Its days are numbered and its collapse is closer than most currently believe. Some people think that it will take a Third World War to overthrow the Soviet Empire. This is desperate thinking. If we only have patience, we will see the Soviet Union fall apart from inside, and from its dashed hopes and ashes a free Russia will raise itself.”

As a critic of the Swedish system - a system with considerable socialist and authoritarian elements - Sven Rydenfelt was „marginalized”. He received his title as a professor of economics only after he had reached the age of retirement.
And to this day, Rydenfelt is excluded from DN Debatt - Sweden’s most important forum published in Dagens Nyheter - the voice of „the official Sweden”. Even at the age of 93, Rydenfelt remains one of the most important voices in the Swedish debate as a columnist in the daily Världen idag.
Jan Gillberg, the editor of DSM, recently interviewed Sven Rydenfelt.  The Rydenfelt interview is published in this issue.