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Written by Sven Anér

I contemplate taking up an aspect of the Estonia Affair and am hit by the thought: Is there an Estonia Affair?

 It is given no space in our every day media. And the actual wreck lies quiet, discreet and at peace at the bottom of the Baltic. Guarded by the glances of the coast guards.
I am preparing the publication of the book „Estonia sprängdes” (Kärret Publishers), which, together with a newly recorded DVD from official and public video recordings, shall give a complete documentation and a clear proof: Yes, Estonia was blown up!
I have by no means kept the creation of this book secret, but the silence surrounding the book and DVD and the persistent Sven Anér is massive as well as icy. „Estonia blown up?” ”We have never heard such nonsense!”
It has been exciting to produce a book and DVD. To see the enormous damages of Estonia’s hull on the display with the wide open „petals” - a sure sign of detonation! - splayed just as on the detailed sketch from the Group of Experts Document, which illustrates this insertion. The „Petals” can only come from a detonation. It is no more complicated than that.
But in my work with this, I have been met by deep silence. The government remains silent. As do the authorities - by order. They do not even deny it. They hope to hush up my ambitions. A complete panel of lay assessors, 25 people, went down with Estonia, a large part of civilians employed by the Stockholm Police: Corp death, group death, twenty dead in „One fell swoop” as the saying goes.
As a professional, I see however, this publicist silence as the greatest Swedish sin of today. How can you remain silent, you journalists and newscasters and omniscient chief editors? How can you remain silent when confronted with so much death - much, provoked death? If you had at least put forth the wretched Sven Anér and publicly exhibited him: „See how he lies, hear his lies!”
But none of this happens. As I do not lie. And because the authorities and media know that I do not lie.
I let the picture of the razor-sharp petals speak for themselves. They can go straight into our horrified hearts.