Hydrogen gas can save our environment
- but the politicians strive against it

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The Swedish hydrogen gas researcher, Olof Tegström, has been awarded by UN and EU for his pioneer work, but it is not politically correct to drive a hydrogen gas project here.
Last year EU invested 18,6 milliard SKr. in a so called framework programme for  implementing  hydrogen gas in the European society.
         Within the framework for this investment, there is a technique developed by the inventor Alf Johansson in Lilla Edet north of Gothenburg. It is a recycling unit without precedence.
It is a completely closed system for thermal decomposition without oxygen. No chimneys and discharge harmful to the environment. The grade of recycling is 99,9 per cent and the value of recycling just about twice as big as the modern refuse combustion units of to-day.
In the first two stages, coal, oil and marsh gas are produced. In the third marsh gas is heated up to 1 600 C at which the coal is separated. Pure, environment friendly hydrogen gas is what remains.
With hydrogen gas as a rest product, Alf Johansson’s incinerator has suddenly become interesting for EU. If all goes to plan, 400 millions are promised by EU as a subsidy for the first Thermo-Rec-Unit on the market. It sounds like a modern imitator of the Swedish inventor feats of 100 years ago.