The Most Important Creators
Of Public Opinion In Sweden

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Journalists in Sweden have become more and more important for the moulding of public opinion ˆ more important than members of Parliament, apart from those who are also party leaders, but also more important than representatives for large and previously powerful organisations. Previously „Organisation Sweden” was a concept associated with the power of creating public opinion. Today, it is more a question of „Media and Journalist Sweden”.  This is evident through a study of lists of the most important creators of public opinion in Sweden, published by DSM 30 years ago.
The annual list of Sweden’s Most Important Creators of Opinion is formed following a vote of 300 people who are assigned to follow the continuous Swedish debate ˆ preferably journalists. This is the top twenty list for year 2002 (the ranking of the previous year is within brackets):


(1) PERSSON, Göran, PrimeMinister (s)       1914 p
(2) LEIJONBERG, Lars, Leader Liberal Party      1059 p
(7) JOSEFSSON, Jan, Journalist, Public Service Television     723 p

(6) GUILLOU, Jan, Publicist and Chairman of Publicist Club     

656 p
(4) MELLIN, Lena, Political Commentator Aftonbladet     503p
(3) SCHYMAN, Gudrun, Leader Communists   472p
(8) BERGSTRAND, Mats, Debate Editor DN     459p
(2) LINDH, Anna, Foreign Minister (s)   320p
(9) SVENSSON, Alf, Leader Christian Democrats     292p
(28) ROJAS, Mauricio, MP Liberal  274p
(13) LUNDGREN, Bo, L eader Conservative Party  236p
(New) WETTERSTRAND, Maria, Mouthpiece For The Environmental Party  211p
(12) SILVIA, Queen of Sweden 209p
(36) SAHLIN, Mona, Cabinet Minister (s)  194p
(24) GREIDER, Göran, Chief Editor, DalaDemokraten  189p
(27) BERGSTRÖM, K G, Political CFommentator Public Service TV     166p
(5) BERGSTRÖM, Hans, Chief Editor DN  163p
(17) EKDAL, Niklas, Political Editor DN     159p
(21) KJÖLLER, Hanne, Editorial Writer DN   149p
(71) FICHTELIUS, Erik, Political Commentator Public Service TV   144p

In 2002, 54 journalists, the majority, were Sweden‚s most important creators of opinion. The amount of politicians was 21 and the representatives for businesses and economy were 5. The table shows DSM how the composition of Sweden‚s most important creators of opinion has changed between 1996-2002. See p. 7-16.