Is there an Islamisation
of the Swedish Social Democrats?

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The organized Swedish Association of Christian Social Democrats, The World Brotherhood, is lead by pastor Anna Berger Kettner, daughter of the former Speaker Birgitta Dahl. The daily Dagens Nyheter reported on July 24, before the yearly congress in August, that the Brotherhood had decided to increase the collaboration with Muslim social democrats which was already in progress. A merger  has been discussed, but not at present.
„In five or ten years we can have discovered so many mutual values that a merge would be possible”, explains the Secretary of The World Brothers, Olle Burell.
In May 2003, Nalin Pekgul, born Baksi, was chosen as Chairman of the Social Democrat Woman’s Asssociation and with that automatically to member of the executive committee of the Party, the topmost leadership of the Social Democrats. Pekgul is a curd from Turkey
In the beginning of August a new chairman was chosen by SSU (The Social Democratic Youth Association). The Iranian Ardalan Shekarabi won a vote of confidence when the rival candidate backed out at the last moment, leaving the congress participants without a choice. Even Shekarabi will automatically be part of the social democrats executive committee.
On the choice of Pekgul and Shekarabi, Helle Klein, the political editor of the daily Aftonbladet shows enthusiasm. „At last!”, she exclaimed in a leading article on Aug.10  and declared under the heading „It is time for political manifold”, that „their Muslim background is an access for social democratic foreign trade policy.”
Swedish social democrats certainly have the right to choose Muslims for leading posts within their own party. As Nalin Pekgul and Helle Klein emphasises Shekarabis religious affliction, they must be of the opinion that Islamic values should be significant for social democracy and social democratic policy.