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No individual has meant more as a counter balance to meet the forces that have come a horrifying long way in the breaking down and shallowness of the Swedish society as Nils Bejerot. He was a sworn opponent of the hash and marijuana culture of the 60’s and 70’s supported by the Swedish media (not least Sveriges Radio (the Swedish Radio).
Having, for many years, been excluded from the media, Bejerot became, in the middle of the 80’s a significant moulder of public opinion.  He became Professor at the Karolinska Institutet (Karolinska Hospital) and was, for many years, consultative psychiatrist at Stockholms polisdistrikt (Stockholm’s Police Distrikt).
For the bloodless dispersion of the Drama at Norrmalmstorg  in August 1973 (the hostage drama that was the centre of attention for the world press), Nils Bejerot played a decisive role. Now, when 30 years later, history is written about this drama, Bejerot’s name is not mentioned! And in one of the documentaries produced by the State Television, he is portrayed in a disparaging way and is renamed as „Ejerot”.
As in the Soviet, it is often the most honourable that shall be forgotten! DSM publishes in this number, a reprint of the important article „Mass Media Power Without Responsibility”, written by Bejerot and published by DSM in the spring of 1986.

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