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„The decision of dependency is transferred from the individual to the official within the public transfer system. This reduces the possibilities of the individual of influencing every day life.”

JAN EKBERG, Professor of National Economy, Växjö University


„Long-range forecasts indicate an increase of the politically steered part of society, soon reaching the level of former communist countries.”

STEFAN FÖLSTER, Chief Economist  Svenskt Näringsliv


 „When more and more give up the thought of tax reduction, for example with the motivation that they are an unjust distribution policy, a greater adjustment takes place of politics possible within the frame of hegemony of the welfare state.”

ROBERT GIDEHAG, Managing Director Skattebetalarnas Förening


 „The proposal that all market noted companies should be affected by capital tax is a powerful, perhaps, in fact, of the most powerful kind we have seen towards growth as well as broadened private ownership in Sweden.”

KERSTIN HESSIUS, Managing Director Stockholmsbörsen


 „Without balance between rights and obligations, the insight of mutual personal responsibility disappears, mutual social control is weakened and insurances become an alternative way of supporting oneself, something one has a right to and therefore leading more and more to living off others.”

ANDERS ISAKSSON, Journalist, Author


„Sweden has today, lost a large part of its production culture. To recreate this is the best way of stopping the large-scale dismissal from working life, where each industrial job generates two new jobs.”

ANDERS KINNANDER, Professor of Manufacturing Systems Institution for Product and Product Development, Chalmers


 „If we accept the philosophical view on justice that similar actions should be treated in the same way, taxes that level out deserved differences will create injustice. This means that the industrious and the loyal will be deprived to a large degree, of the results of their efforts.”

ANN-MARIE PÅLSSON, Associate Professor of National Economy and MP


„We need a new party in this country. We need a party that can stand up to the social moderate privilege parties; a party that can take a fight with those who try to limit work and set up barriers between those who want to come here and work. Sweden needs a party that has the courage to be inopportune and say „ yes, its possible that our proposal of lowered taxes for work at short sight will favour full-time workers before part-time workers - but that is just the point! We need a party for work and for those who want to work. Sweden needs a worker party. Who can start one?

PERNILLA STRÖM, Economist, Self Employed


 „Our social insurance system must be reformed and made more correct. It must be more based on the individual and the costs must - for the system on the whole - be carried by the payments of the individual. We must go over to supporting ourselves more and being less dependant on allowances.”

BO SÖDERSTEN, Professor Economy


 ”The homogeneous and closed decision-making group develop a self-censorship - one listens to the leader, an adaptation starts, alternative analyses are excluded.”

INGA-BRITT AHLENIUS, Former Director-General of  The National Audit Bureau