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Can we, as a society, tolerate that those who ruin a young woman’s life get off so lightly?  This question is asked by Lone Nørgaard and Steen Raaschou, two columnists who are taking part in the debate about Danish society. One phenomenon that deserves serious attention is the heinous crime against women known as rape, particularly gang rape.
We can not solve all the problems of the world but we refuse to be quiet spectators when our society allows itself to be undermined by the culture and the system of values that do not consider women equal citizens with full rights.
According to the last statistics made public by the police, for the year of 2001, 67 percent of all rapes committed in Denmark were committed by immigrants. In the Copenhagen area, 76 percent of all rapes were committed by immigrants. Protests erupted when these figures were made public and since then there have been no rape statistics released which specify the ethnicity of the rapist.
Sometimes it can be helpful to keep the object of the analysis at a distance to maintain an unbiased, unemotional attitude. Rape is a particularly sensitive and emotionally laden subject. That is why in this article (originally published in Jyllands-Posten) we do not want to describe  gang rapes committed by young immigrant men in Denmark, but in our neighbor country Sweden, where such crimes have become an epidemic.
In Denmark, about 500 rapes are reported every year. In Sweden the number is 2 500. The police, women rights advocates, and Aftonbladet estimate that in 2002 the real number is tenfold, i.e. 25 000 Swedish women raped every year! We let that number stand in front of our eyes:
25 000

 In comparison, if rape occurred in Denmark at the same rate, we would have some 1 500 reported cases out of a total of 15 000 rapes per year. Luckily it has not gotten that bad – at least not yet.
Unfortunately, in Sweden, the debate about immigration has been suppressed.  Those who criticize the immigration policy have been labeled as “xenophobes” and racists.
With a pushed trend of “state feminism”, which has support in the media and parliament (six of seven parliament leaders in Sweden call themselves as feminists), one might imagine that abused women are treated well, but that’s not the case.  The reality is much different.
Only 5 percent of all rapes that are reported are subject to lawsuits and only a fraction of the rapists are actually convicted. When a Swedish woman who has been raped finally has her case heard, the judges are usually mild and leniant. The judicial system is not at all set up for the “New Sweden”, it is built primarily on lenience, treatment, and rehabilitation of rapists.